Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Ganyang Style" Jelajah Piket CIMB, Kangar, Jalan Penjara, Perlis

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Singapore affiliates welcome new IndustriALL Regional Office

IndustriALL’s Singapore affiliates wasted no time in welcoming the opening of IndustriALL’s new South East Asia office on 4 February 2013.
The affiliates, attended a strategy and leadership gathering at 03-07 Tembeling Centre, which is also home to the new office, and discussed the timetable for a number of important events that will take place in Singapore in April 2013.
Singapore’s economy depends heavily on manufacturing exports, particularly aerospace, electronics, IT-products, pharmaceuticals and shipbuilding. Around 19 per cent of its total workforce is employed in manufacturing, which represents just over 27 per cent of gross domestic product. The National Trade Union Centre (NTUC) is Singapore’s only national center and has 61 affiliates, and over 600,000 members. IndustriALL’s affiliated unions cover all of the manufacturing sectors.