Thursday, March 20, 2014

Human rights activists in Sri Lanka still live in fear

The situation for labour activists and human rights defenders in Sri Lanka hasremained very dangerous with the Government committed to silencing any critic since its victory over the LTTE. In mid February, Sunil Samaradeera was abducted by unknown assailants and held for two days. The police have made no effort to find his abductors and now Sunil fears for his life. Meanwhile, the issue of a newly discovered mass grave has still been unresolved amid claims that the government is trying to hide something. source:::

Fukushima nuclear disaster - 3 years on and still not safe

As reported previously, the damaged nuclear reactor of Fukushima is still not safe putting both workers and communities at risk. Last week on the third anniversary of the tsunami striking the Fukushima nuclear reactor, demonstrations against the Government’s handling of this disaster and its intentions to restart Japan’s nuclear industry took place throughout Japan. One of the major unresolved problems of the Fukushima reactor is the large amount of radioactive material that is still present.

Harsh organising conditions for workers in Pakistan

It has been a terrible week for Pakistani workers where in two separate incidents, five workers were killed and many others injured. In the first incident, a boiler exploded at the Irfan Gas Factory Green Town Lahore killing four workers and injuring up to 20 others. In a separate part of Lahore, police attacked a picket line of nurses who were demanding better wages and conditions. A seven-month pregnant nurse and her three colleagues suffered injuries during the baton charge. These two events reflect the terrible conditions that workers in Pakistan have to endure. A couple of years ago, six workers where given 80 year sentences for organising demonstrations. source:::

Philippines:::Stop the Killings! Killings and arrests of activists continue in the Philippines

The situation for labour and human rights activists in the Philippines has always been a very difficult one with the country having one of the worst human rights records in the world. In the first two months of this year, human rights organisations have recorded 8 extrajudicial killings, 5 attempted assassinations, 5 illegal arrests & 3 abductions. Many of these crimes were conducted by illegal militias. Victims included labour activists, human


BURMA: Workers at garment factory secure 20% pay rise

Collective bargaining by a union in Burma/Myanmar has secured a 20% pay rise for garment workers at a factory in Yangon.
The IndustriAll Global Union said the increase for workers at the Yes 1 facility was won after “tense and drawn-out” negotiations, and was formulated in an Industriall training workshop attended by union president Win Theinghi Soe, as well as other executive committee members, in December 2013.