Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Short-term contracts increasing worldwide

The REC’s latest report on jobs backs up the findings of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) stating that increasingly agency staff are being used for short-term access to key strategic skills.
The report states that one in five employers have increased staffing levels over the last year, and that 84% are using temporary staff to bridge the skills shortage in the permanent market.
In particular employers are seeing a shortage in the technical and engineering sector, with 18% of employers expecting to see shortages in permanent jobs, whilst 36% expect to see shortages for agency workers.
The ILO has found that only one quarter of workers around the world have permanent jobs. The remain

MALAYSIA:::Nufam hits out at MAS for axing crew on maternity leave / Pekerja MAS cuti bersalin juga diberhentikan, dakwa Nufam

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has accused Malaysia Airlines (MAS) of worker discrimination in its ongoing restructuring exercise which includes the culling of some 6,000 jobs.
Nufam president Ismail Nasaruddin said the management was being heartless by axing female cabin crew members who were on maternity leave.
The airline began sending out termination letters to some 20,000 staff yesterday, but will offer re-employment to some 14,000 staff.

ILO:::Regional labour and employer groups sign MOU

GENEVA—The Caribbean Employers Confederation (CEC) and the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together to identify areas where common legislative and regulatory principles having regional application are essential.

MALAYSIA:::MTUC is concerned about refugees and is against all forms of slavery and forced labour

Media Statement

Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) is shocked at the discovery of about 139 graves, and signs of torture, in more than two dozen squalid camps in Northern Malaysia suspected to have been used by gangs involved in human trafficking of migrants across the border from Thailand.
MTUC is against all forms of human trafficking which includes exploitation of workers. MTUC is against slavery and forced labour.
MTUC calls on the Malaysian government to immediately investigate, and determine whether these were really human trafficking camps, and also whether the deaths have been brought about by torture and murder. If so, then immediate action must be taken to bring the said perpetrators to justice.
There is also the possibility that some of these ‘camps’ were really housing used by undocumented migrant workers, who always worry about the possibility of arrest, detention, imprisonment, whipping and deportation. There are estimated that at present there are at least 2 million undocumented migrants in Malaysia – most of them are workers.

MALAYSIA:::MAS Bhd boleh disaman jika enggan iktiraf kesatuan, kata peguam

Pemegang jawatan dan ahli kesatuan sekerja boleh mengambil tindakan mahkamah ke atas MAS Bhd jika ia cuba memusnahkan suara pekerja dengan mengharamkan kesatuan, hakim bersara dan peguam industri memberi amaran.
Mereka berkata, hak mempunyai kesatuan sekerja dijamin di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan melalui Perkara 10 mengenai kebebasan berpersatuan.

INDONESIA:::Indonesia’s size hampers efforts to eradicate child labor - ILO

The size of Indonesia, the fourth largest country in Asia, is an obstacle to child labor eradication efforts as the practice is more common in rural areas, says an UN official.
“Things are happening in rural areas, while there are 34 provinces in Indonesia. We have to make sure the message [on child labor eradication] trickles down to the village level,” the International Labor Organization (ILO) officer-in-charge in Indonesia, Michiko Miyamoto, said at the Manpower Ministry in South Jakarta on Monday.
Miyamoto was speaking at an event to launch June as the month of child labor eradication at the ministry.
Manpower Ministry data shows that among the 4.1 million child workers in Indonesia, approximately 2 million of them work in rural areas, compared to 386,000 children who work in cities.
Miyamoto also said that regular discussions with the children’s families, companies and other workers in all areas of Indonesia were important as they needed to understand the impact of child labor in Indonesia.
The Manpower Ministry recently announced a plan to fully eradicate child labor by 2020, along with a target to pull out 16,000 children workers from the workplace all over Indonesia this year.

MALAYSIA:::MAS tidak profesional sasarkan Nufam dalam pemberhentian kerja - NUFAM

KUALA LUMPUR: Kesatuan Kebangsaan Anak-anak Kapal Kabin Penerbangan Malaysia (Nufam) mendakwa ia menjadi sasaranMalaysia Airlines (MAS)untuk diberhentikan kerja, ekoran lantang bersuara mengenai penstrukturan semula syarikat penerbangan itu.

Presidennya, Ismail Nasaruddin berkata perkara ini jelas dilihat melalui suratpemberhentian kerjayang diterima oleh tiga exconya, pada Isnin.

“Saya dimaklumkan oleh sumber-sumber yang dekat dengan MAS bahawa Nufam menjadi sasaran MAS kerana kami lantang bersuara.

“Ini seperti MAS sudah mengambil perkara ini sebagai isu peribadi. Ini menunjukkan MAS tidak bersikap professional.