Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Forced overtime work in the case of Top Glove

MTUC Penang Division, having taken notice of the Ministry of Human Resoucers finding that there were no cases of forced overtime work in the case of Top Glove, views with utmost concern the very statement of the Minister of Human Resources that such excessive long hours of work was as a result of the request of migrant workers themselves.

The said situation raises a fundamental issue i.e. can an employer irregardless of the limitation in law of a maximum of 104  hours of overtime be absolved of their legal, if not moral obligation, to allow such a breach of the relevant provisions of the law even if such a violation was at the request of the workers themselves?

We do not subscribe to the notion that any violation of the law can be condoned let alone be justified on any account.

We, therefore, urge the Human Resources Ministry to institute action against, not only Top Glove, but all such erring employers. Unless and until the Ministry does so such disregard, to the respect of the law,  will rear its ugly head without fear of a lack of enforcement.

It is our earnest prayer that the Ministry acts with conscience on the matter least the newly minted government is lablled a lackey of the employers class!

MTUC Penang Division
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