Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NUBE Labour Research Institute to offer Professional Studies in Trade Unionism

Jul 29, 2013
In the last 30 years workers’ rights have been brutally battered and as a result workers have become ignorant of their basic human rights. Trade Union membership and rights have equally suffered battery.
The government, employers and workers must recognize International Labour Standards and adopt labour, economic and social policies in conformity with the International Labour Standards.

6000-worker strike in Flextronics Shanghai

Sept. 17th 2012, 6000 workers of Flextronics in Shanghai had been called out to protest the removal compensation scheme. Because of the price of land and the problems of Human Resources, the headquarter of the company decided to move the industrial park to Suzhou instead of Jiading District, Shanghai. However, both sides couldn't reach the agreement on the removal compensation, thus making the whole factory's workers gathered to block the streets to fight for their rights and asked for their compensation they should receive.