Saturday, May 27, 2017

Should a country limit unskilled immigrant workers to safeguard national productivity growth'

There are about 245 million migrants worldwide - around 3% of the world population. Roughly one-fifth are tertiary educated. Middle-income countries have a smaller proportion of immigrants than high-income countries (about 1% versus 12%). But for a number of middle-income countries with more immigrants than others, there is uneasiness about relying on unskilled foreigners as they strive to leap from low-wage labor and imitation to high-skilled labor and innovation. There are palpable concerns in Malaysia, for example, with some 2.1 million registered immigrants - about 7% of its population - and likely over 1 million undocumented immigrants. Things reached a crescendo early last year when all new hiring of unskilled foreign workers was suspended as the Malaysian government re-evaluated the management and need for foreign workers. The freeze was subsequently lifted for select sectors amid complaints of labor shortages.

Govt unveils employers’ guide to dealing with foreign worker

Malaysia has launched its first Guidelines and Tips for Employers of Foreign Domestic Helpers which contain useful information on laws and best practices related to recruitment and employment of foreign domestic workers.
Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot when launching the guidebook at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here today, said it was an important document jointly initiated and produced by the ministry and International Labour Organisation (ILO) to assist employers of foreign domestic workers in addressing and handling many situations and issues they might face upon engaging foreign domestic workers.