Thursday, February 26, 2015

MALAYSIA:::USM lecturer urges Malaysia to treat migrant workers better

GEORGE TOWN: A USM senior lecturer today urged Malaysia, as a host nation for migrant workers, to enhance standards concerning their welfare and living conditions.
USM Centre for Policy Research and International Studies (Cenpris) chairman Associate Prof Dr B. Renany said the country should have certain standards of social responsibility for foreign workers.
Those in charge of policy could glean insight from the private sector on how they managed migrant human resources, he added.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

INDONESIA:::Minta Gaji Naik Malah di PHK, 137 Karyawan Ngadu ke DPRD

GAMBIR (Pos Kota) – Puluhan pengurus serikat pekerja PT Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) mendatangi kantor DPRD DKI Jakarta. Mereka mengadu kepada dewan karena 137 karyawan terancam kena pemutusan hubungan kerja (PHK) akibat dampak dari tuntutan kenaikan gaji.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MALAYSIA:::Suhakam meets MTUC, MEF and MHR officials. / Isu 'Union Busting': Suhakam temui MTUC, MEF dan wakil Kementerian Sumber Manusia.

SATU sesi perbincangan bersama MTUC, Persekutuan Majikan-majikan Malaysia (MEF) dan Kementerian Sumber Manusia berkaitan isu "Union Busting" telah diaturkan oleh Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (Suhakam) pada 23hb Februari 2015.
Beberapa pegawai utama MTUC dan pemimpin-pemimpin kesatuan gabungan termasuk Presiden NUBE, Sdr Micchael Tan dan Setiausaha Agungnya Sdr J Solomon telah berlangsung dalam suasana mesra dan konstruktif.
Pertemuan ini diadakan susulan memorandum yang dikemukakan oleh MTUC kepada Suhakam tahun lalu menggesa agar segala bentuk usaha 'menghapuskan' kewujudan kesatuan sekerja dan pelanggaran hak pekerja di negara dihentikan.

MALAYSIA:::MAS unions to protest planned job culls

Troubled airlines to lay off at least 6,000 under structuring plan beginning April.
masKUALA LUMPUR: Several unions are expected to protest the retrenchment of 6,000 workers when Malaysian Airline System Bhd, the new company that is emerging from financially troubled Malaysian Airlines, begins its RM6 billion restructuring exercise in April.
The airlines has 20,000 workers.
There are at least nine worker unions and associations in the airline company and a source from one of the unions told The Edge Financial Daily, “Yes, we are preparing (to stage a protest), looking at the present situation.”

MALAYSIA:::MTUC and Trade Unions Can Help End Human Trafficking and Worker Exploitation

Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) verily believes that strong effective trade unions can tackle the problem of trafficking in human persons, more so when in Malaysia, the main problems is the exploitation of workers not sexual exploitation or the removal of human organs.
MTUC welcomes the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons who will be in Malaysia from 23 to 28 February 2015, at the invitation of the Malaysian government. We note that Ms Joy Ngozi Ezeilo had recently indicated that she was committed to continue consulting with, amongst others, workers unions in the struggle to eliminate human trafficking.

Monday, February 23, 2015

SINGAPORE:::Mobile office to engage migrant workers

SINGAPORE: Foreign workers will now find it easier to get help and find out more about their employment rights when a new mobile centre visits their workplace and dormitories. The mobile office is an initiative by the Migrant Workers' Centre and it aims to reach out to more workers especially those in remote areas.
The office, housed in a refurbished Nissan Cabstar, made its first appearance at the Penjuru Migrant Workers' Recreation Centre on Sunday (Feb 22). The multi-purpose mobile office was launched by the chairman of the Migrant Workers' Centre, Yeo Guat Kwang. The vehicle is called the Forward Response, Engagement and Intel Deployment Asset or FREIDA.
FREIDA will be manned by two staff from the Migrant Workers' Centre as it makes its rounds to engage migrant workers. Besides visiting smaller dormitories located at more remote industrial areas, the vehicle will also be used as a forward deployment centre in major incidents like strikes and riots.

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia / Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (SUHAKAM)

Image result for suruhanjaya hak asasi malaysia
The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) was established by Parliament under the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act 1999, Act 597. The Act was gazetted on 9 September 1999. The inaugural meeting of SUHAKAM was held on 24 April 2000.
The initiative to set up a national human rights institution in Malaysia began with Malaysia’s active participation in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) in 1993-95 when it was elected as a member of the Commission by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Malaysia was honored in 1995 with the election of the leader of the delegation, Tan Sri Dato’ Musa bin Hitam, as the Chairman of the 52nd session of the UNCHR. Malaysia was elected to serve a second term in the UNCHR from 1996-98 and its third term from 2001-2003.

Arab Saudi:::Shoura Council to discuss draft labor agreement with Indonesia

Shoura Council .jpg

The Shoura Council is slated to debate the draft agreement with Indonesia on the employment of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia during its two-day sessions from Monday.
The council’s session will be presided over by its Chairman Abdullah Al-Asheikh when the council’s committee on human resources presents its report on the draft agreement on Monday.
In its recommendations, the committee has made relevant amendments to the draft agreement to suit the concerned manpower exporting country’s needs and conditions.
The Kingdom has already signed similar agreements with countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 
Indonesia has banned sending housemaids abroad for employment. The draft agreement will also apply to Indonesian workers already deployed in the Kingdom. 

PENDIDIKAN:::Keperluan Untuk Hadir Hari Sebelum Atau Selepas Hari Kelepasan Am

Keperluan Untuk Hadir Hari Sebelum Atau Selepas Hari Kelepasan Am

Seksyen 60 D (2) Akta Kerja 1955 menggariskan syarat-syarat hadir kerja sebelum atau selepas cuti umum sebelum pekerja berhak kepada cuti umum berbayar. Maksud ketidakhadiran di sini adalah tanpa kebenaran majikan (AWOL) dan tanpa alasan yang munasabah.

“Mana-mana pekerja yang tidak hadir kerja pada hari kerja sebelum atau selepas hari kelepasan am atau dua atau lebih hari-hari kelepasan am berturut-turut atau mana-mana hari atau hari yang digantikan kepadanya di bawah seksyen ini tanpa kebenaran terdahulu daripada majikannya adalah tidak berhak mendapat apa-apa bayaran hari kelepasan untuk hari kelepasan tersebut atau hari-hari kelepasan terturut-turut melainkan ia mempunyai alasan munasabah bagi ketidakhadiran itu”

Sunday, February 22, 2015

MALAYSIA::Panas ekstrem melanda negara, boleh bawa maut

KUALA LUMPUR 21 Feb. – Musim panas ekstrem yang dijangka melanda negara minggu depan boleh memberi tekanan fizikal kepada tubuh badan dan kesihatan manusia termasuk menyebabkan kematian seperti strok haba.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

On Social Justice Day, UN spotlights human trafficking, modern slavery

Forced labour often means unpaid wages, excessively long work hours without rest days, confiscation of ID documents, little freedom of movement, deception, intimidation and physical or sexual violence. ILO/A. Khemka

 The United Nations Secretary-General said today that the World Day for Social Justice comes at a pivotal moment for people and the planet, adding that this year's commemoration focuses on the scourge of human trafficking and the plight of approximately 21 million women, men and children in various forms of modern slavery.
“New instruments such as the ILO (International Labour Organization) Protocol and Recommendation on forced labour and human trafficking are helping to strengthen global efforts to punish perpetrators and end impunity,” said Ban Ki-moon in a message marking the Day. “We must continue to do more. We simply cannot achieve development for all if we leave behind those who are socially and economically exploited.”

Thursday, February 19, 2015

PAKISTAN:::ILO, PTEA sign pact to promote decent work in textile industry

ILO, PTEA sign pact to promote decent work in textile industry
ISLAMABAD: The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) have forged a unique partnership to promote decent work in garment and textile industry.
Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Mian Muhammad Adress, dignitaries from the government, representatives of employers and workers organisations, representatives of diplomatic missions in Pakistan including the German Embassy and the Royal Embassy of Netherlands also participated amongst other bilateral development partners.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MALAYSIA:::Media Statement ::: MTUC Wants Migrant Workers To Pay The Same Rate As Local Workers For Public Healthcare.

Image result for Public Healthcare.MALAYSIA
Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) wants migrant workers to pay the same rate as local workers for public healthcare. Differential treatment of workers impacts on worker solidarity, and can be perceived as ‘union busting.
It is most disturbing to find out that migrant workers are also required to pay a deposit of RM600 before they be warded in a public hospital, and a deposit of RM1,200 if they are being warded for surgery or for child birth. When the monthly minimum wage in Peninsular Malaysia is RM900, and RM800 in Sabah and Sarawak, how could anyone reasonably believe that a migrant workers will be able to afford to pay such outrageous deposits before they can be hospitalised and receive required healthcare.
Malaysia may want to have a different rate for foreigners using public healthcare facilities and services but this should definitely not include migrant workers.
Migrant workers come to work in Malaysia because employers in Malaysia require workers, and the Malaysian government wants them to come. Migrant workers, usually coming from poorer countries, come here to earn monies for themselves and their families/dependents back home.

MALAYSIA:::MTUC says locals willing to work

KUCHING: The row between oil palm estate owners in Sarawak, workers union and government ministers over plans to employ more foreign workers is showing no sign of abating.
The state branch of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has fired the latest salvo, telling the private sector to be more transparent on its hiring process for locals.
In a statement yesterday, the umbrella union’s Sarawak secretary, Andrew Lo, alleged members of the powerful Sarawak Oil Palm Plantations Owners Association (SOPPOA) were not doing enough to inform locals of vacancies before recruiting foreigners.

MALAYSIA:::Malaysia’s EPF commits to $390 million logistics JV

Image result for kwsp investment table
Malaysia’s Employees Provident Fund (EPF), one of the world’s largest managers of retirement savings, will jointly invest 1.4 billion ringgit (US$390 million) in developing domestic logistics assets over the next three years.

The EPF, which manages about 636.53 billion ringgit, said it had entered into a 50:50 joint venture (JV) with Australian firm Goodman Group to tap into demand for modern warehousing facilities among local businesses.

The retirement fund said that the decision to establish the JV was in line with its recent investment diversification strategy, through which it is seeking to strategically allocate a higher proportion of its portfolio to inflation-linked assets. The requirement for the fund to diversify is heightened by pressure to maintain dividends for EPF members, as well as low bond yields and a limited pool of assets to invest in domestically.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

US, PH sign 4th memorandum protecting migrant workers

FORGED TIES. US and Philippine officials sign a Memorandum of Agreement on the protection of Filipino workers in the United States. Photo by Philippine Embassy/Majalya A Fernando
FORGED TIES. US and Philippine officials sign a Memorandum of Agreement on the protection of Filipino workers in the United States. Photo by Philippine Embassy/Majalya A Fernando

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the US' Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) signed a memorandum of agreement on February 13 to provide better protections for Filipinos working in the United States.
This is the 4th migrant worker related MOU signed between the PH and the US.

MALAYSIA:::Malaysia’s total trade up 5.9 per cent to RM1.5 trillion

Muhyiddin greets 1Malaysia Advisory Council Sarawak chairman and Julau
 member of parliament Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum. — Photo by Jeffery Mostap
KUCHING: Malaysia’s total trade went up by 5.9 per cent to RM1.5 trillion last year from RM1.4 trillion in 2013.
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the export value increased by 6.4 per cent from RM46.1 billion to RM766.1 billion, while import value also increased by 5.3 per cent from RM34.3 billion to RM683 billion.
“Strong export growth has contributed to the trade surplus for 17th consecutive year. The trade surplus for 2014 indicated an increase of 16.6 per cent, an improvement compared to negative growth (-22.8 per cent) recorded in 2012 and (-25.7 per cent) in 2013.

Friday, February 13, 2015

MALAYSIA:::Broke BTV staff protest over wage delays / Kakitangan BTV berdemo tuntut gaji

About 20 Bernama TV staff held a peaceful demonstration in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday afternoon to demand the salaries owed to them.

The protesters carried banners, one of which read 'Mana Shabery' in reference to Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Bernama TV is minority-owned by national new agency Bernama, which falls under the purview pf Shabery (below, right).
Some 140 staff members were told to take leave because Bernama TVcould not pay their salaries.

They were last paid on Dec 24 when the first salary crisis was averted, after Bernama secured funds to pay the wages.

Bernama TV belongs to Bernama TV Synergy Bhd, which is 33-percent owned by Bernama. The rest are owned by private shareholders.

The protesters also stood up for their colleagues, part-time staff at Radio-Television Malaysia (RTM), whose salaries have also not been paid by the national broadcaster.

MALAYSIA:::Tens of thousands bid farewell to Tok Guru / Thousands Pay Their Last Respects To Nik Aziz

It is a sombre morning in Kelantan as thousands make of their way to Pulau Melaka to pay their last respects to Nik Aziz Nik Mat, who had led the state as menteri besar for 23 years.

People has been making way to his house since last night, resulting in a sudden surge of vehicles in the sleepy hollow of Pulau Melaka.

Authorities have cordoned off the area, thus those visiting his home would have to make a 3km trek on foot.

The authorities are providing a shuttle service from the Sultan Muhammad IV stadium in Kota Bharu from 7.30am.

Funeral rites will be held at 10am at the mosque next to his home.

Malaysia set to beat Moody’s GDP forecast

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2014 is set to exceed Moody Analytics’ forecast of 5.3% as technology production and the construction sector are helping to offset a slowdown in the energy sector.
Moody’s Analytics, in its report yesterday, said industrial production, which registered a strong finish in 2014, posed upside risk to its fourth-quarter Malaysian GDP forecast results due today.
Malaysia’s Industrial Production Index grew 7.4% in December 2014 compared with the same month a year ago, mainly due to positive growth in all indices of manufacturing, mining and electricity.

MALAYSIA:::MTUC Wants Emergency Financial Assistance For 'Suddenly-Unemployed' Workers

Image result for Emergency Financial Assistance
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 12 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called on the government to immediately to put in place an emergency relief scheme for the suddenly unemployed as they seek new employment.

Its secretary-general, N. Gopal Krishnan said the move would prevent the workers and their families from sliding down to poverty.

"Like the recent floods, unemployment can also come suddenly and unexpectedly, and affected workers and their families will need some emergency help to survive the situation and get back on their feet," he said in a statement here today.

This assistance, he said, would be temporary in nature, lasting possibly for a period of maybe, not more than six to 12 months, being the time required for the out-of-job worker to find a suitable new employment.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Malaysia’s growth to offset oil slump

Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2014 is set to exceed Moody Analytics’ forecast of 5.3% as technology production and the construction sector are helping to offset a slowdown in the energy sector.
Moody’s Analytics, in its report today, said Industrial Production, which registered a strong finish in 2014, posed upside risk to its fourth quarter Malaysian GDP forecast results due tomorrow.
Malaysia’s Industrial Production Index grew 7.4% in December 2014 compared with the same month a year ago, mainly due to positive growth in all indices of manufacturing, mining and electricity.

INDONESIA:::Manfaat Program BPJS Kesehatan Dirasakan Masyarakat

 Petugas membagikan kartu BPJS kesehatan kepada warga   di Panti Sosial Bina Insan Bangun Daya 2, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur, Kamis (24/4). (Republika/Rakhmawaty La'lang)
Petugas membagikan kartu BPJS kesehatan kepada warga di Panti Sosial Bina Insan Bangun Daya 2, Cipayung, Jakarta Timur

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Oleh Erik Purnama Putra/Wartawan Republika
Sebut saja namanya Satria. Pria yang bekerja di kementerian yang berkantor di Jalan Merdeka Utara tersebut merasakan manfaat dengan menjadi anggota Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) Kesehatan. Lantaran tercatat sebagai pegawai negeri sipil (PNS), Satria sudah otomatis terdaftar sebagai anggota ketika BPJS Kesehatan masih bernama PT Asuransi Kesehatan (Askes).

Dia pada awalnya menganggap remeh keikutsertaannya dalam BPJS Kesehatan. Namun, ia baru menyadari betapa pentingnya kartu BPJS yang dimilikinya setelah menderita penyakit cukup serius. Setelah konsultasi ke dokter, ia diagnosis menderita penyakit syaraf terjepit.

Pada awalnya, ia kaget mendapat penjelasan dokter. Kekagetannya bukan semata disebabkan penyakit yang dideritanya, melainkan juga harus memikirkan biaya operasi yang jumlahnya tidak sedikit. Namun, ia segera sadar bahwa persoalan berobat itu sudah ada solusinya.

Satria langsung bertanya-tanya terkait pemanfaatan kartu BPJS yang dipegangnya. Seketika, ia mencoba menggunakan kartu sakti itu ketika memeriksakan diri ke dokter, hingga menjalani langkah medis lanjutan.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

JAPAN:::Wrong way to import workers

The government’s plan to expand the foreign trainee internship program to cover manpower shortages in nursing-care services for the elderly is problematic in multiple ways. It deviates from the purpose of the program to promote technical transfers to developing economies by training internees from those countries, while failing to properly address problems in the program, which is criticized for being widely used as a cover for exploiting low-cost labor from overseas. The government should explore other ways of securing enough nursing-care workers to meet the increasing needs of Japan’s rapidly aging population.

Philippines, Indonesia ink pacts, including protection of migrant workers

THE Philippines and Indonesia signed on Monday four agreements, including the joint declaration on the protection of migrants and migrant workers.
But during the joint statements of President Benigno Aquino III and his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo, they did not mention about the case of a female Filipino convicted of drug smuggling and was supposed to be executed by firing squad.
The joint declaration signed by Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi aims to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the promotion and protection of the rights of migrants and migrant workers, through such mechanisms as cooperation on the matter between their respective diplomatic and consular missions abroad.



Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arriving at the Federal Court earlier today. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, February 10, 2015.
Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arriving at the Federal Court earlier today

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, whose coalition for the first time took 52% of the popular vote in the last general election, was today convicted for sodomy by Malaysia's highest court.


MTUC amat kecewa melihat tindakan sesetengah peniaga, pemborong, pengusaha dan pengeluar yang tidak mahu menurunkan harga barangan walaupun harga minyak petrol telah diturunkan bagi meringankan beban rakyat.
MTUC merasakan ini bukanlah masa untuk menuding jari dan menyalahkan mana-mana pihak, malah ini adalah masa bagi semua pihak termasuk semua kementerian yang terlibat mengambil inisiatif bagi menangani permasalahan ini secara hemat.
Apabila harga minyak petrol naik, semua barangan tanpa melibatkan kos terus atau kos sampingan telah dinaikan harganya dengan alasan bahawa harga pengangkutan mempengaruhi harga barangan. Kini apabila harga petrol turun tiada usaha yang diambil untuk menurunkan harga barangan yang dinaikkan. Malahan alasan kos operasi naik pula diungkitkan. Adakah ini munasabah?