Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trade union strike adds to India's economic woes

NEW DELHI — Factories were attacked, vehicles were burned and a man was crushed to death by a bus in India on Wednesday at the start of a two-day trade union strike to protest price increases, low wages, unemployment and the government’s economic reform measures.
The man killed by the bus was a trade union leader in the northern city of Ambala. Authorities said he squatted on the ground in the path of a bus in an attempt to keep the buses from moving, then was hit and fatally injured.

MTUC wants government to handle the employment of foreign workers

SUBANG JAYA,  – The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) wants the employment of foreign workers including maids to be done by the government to ensure the workers are well treated.
Its president Khalid Atan said their employment through agents and outsourcing agencies who acted as a middlemen should be stopped since it has been causing problems and also tarnishing the country’s image when the workers are not properly looked after.
“If employers wish to hire a foreign worker, they should go deal with the government. The middleman is taking profit on each person they bring in, some up to RM2,000 or more per person.
“But sometimes these workers rights are neglected, some even have their working permits terminated drastically causing them being caught or being charged for entering this country illegally,” he told in a press conference here, today.
Khalid also said that some of the foreign workers are not paid for the work they do, or being forced to work for long hours – usually for 14 to 16 hours per day – or being threaten to be sent back when questioning the employers’ action on them.
On the levy issue, Khalid said MTUC was firm by its stand that foreign workers should not be burdened by the levy, transportation and accommodation fees.
“The employers should pay for it. The payment is to be made by the foreign workers with the enforcement of the RM900 minimum salary. But if the workers have to deduct RM150 for levy and another RM200 (transportation and accommodation) how much will be left for them?” he asked.
On Jan 30, the Cabinet decided that foreign workers should pay the levy amounting between RM34.15 and RM154.16 per month instead of the employers.  – Bernama

Pekerja Nepal tidak dibayar gaji dan dihalau dari asrama

Mohd Khalid Atan, Presiden MTUC bersama-sama pekerja-pekerja Nepal.
Seramai 33 pekerja asing dari Nepal telah ditamatkan kerja tanpa sebarang pampasan oleh sebuah syarikat elektronik di Shah Alam.
Pekerja-pekerja ini juga tidak dibayar gaji sejak Disember 2012.