Tuesday, March 11, 2014


MALAYSIA:::Majikan lewat bayar gaji

  • Majikan lewat bayar gajiPengawal keselamatan ini berharap isu kelewatan pembayaran gaji oleh majikan mereka segera berakhir.
KUALA BERANG - Senasib! Demikian situasi dihadapi kira-kira 50 pengawal keselamatan di beberapa sekolah di daerah ini yang turut diselubungi dilema sebagaimana pengawal keselamatan di Batu Rakit gara-gara lewat dibayar gaji oleh majikan.

Sinar Harian 18 Februari lalu menyiarkan keluhan pengawal keselamatan di Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu yang terpaksa merayu untuk mendapatkan gaji mereka dan ternyata senario sama juga dihadapi golongan berkenaan di daerah Hulu Terengganu ini.

Missing MH370: Iranian "Mr Ali" bought impostors' tickets in Pattaya

KUALA LUMPUR: Travel arrangements for the two passengers with fake identities on the missing flight MH370 bound for Beijing were made in the Thai resort town of Pattaya and paid for in cash, according to a report.

Indonesian workers battling paper and pulp giant once again

Indonesian paper workers at one of the world’s largest paper mills have begun a one-month strike over wages and conditions. The strike was in response to Asia Pulp and Paper management breaking off collective bargaining talks and its use of local army units and police to intimidate workers. Non union labour has been brought in to break the strike by the company. Asia Pulp and Paper is one of the biggest paper companies in the world, and has a history of anti worker tactics. To increase our effectiveness, we need to coordinate our actions against such companies at a global level. source:::http://www.aawl.org.au

Electronics workers on strike in Shenzhen, China

Since the middle of this week, more than 1,000 workers at the IBM ISTC factory in Shenzhen, Southern China, have been on strike. The workers are protesting against the proposed severance pay that they are being offered as the factory has been sold to another global electronics firm, Lenovo. This issue is only one of many that the workers have against management in terms of work conditions and health and safety. This strike is another example of an emerging new combativeness among the Chinese working class. source:::http://www.aawl.org.au

Women rally right across the world for International Women’s Day

As reported last week, women all around the world are still fighting for their rights, whether in the social sphere, in the personal or as workers. Click here for AAWL’s statement on International Women’s Day. Many events were held on the 8th of March around the world. Listen to women’s voices from Bangladesh (and here), Thailand,South KoreaIndonesiagarment workersLebanon, Turkey, against sexual harassment at workglobally, and a song to women’s quest for justice. source:::http://www.aawl.org.au

Brick kiln workers in Pakistan continue to fight

There are tens of thousands of workers employed at the brick kilns of the Toba Tek Singh region in Punjab, Pakistan. Their working conditions have been described as akin to slavery, with child labour often used as well. Workers have taken action many times, but both the employers and the state work against them. This week, they have started a sit in and hunger strike comprising representatives from many different worksites. Workers are trying to present a unified front so that employers can’t create divisions among them.source:::http://www.aawl.org.au

South Korean activists remember workers killed at Samsung

As previously reported, the global electronics giant Samsung, has a terrible Occupational Health and Safety record in their semi conductor factories in South Korea. Earlier this week, activists commemorated the 92 workers who have died in recent years due to occupational exposure while working at Samsung. Relatives are still seeking compensation for the death of their loved ones while workers are still trying to improve the working conditions inside the factories. Samsung is one of the most anti union company in South Korea. source:::http://www.aawl.org.au