Friday, November 19, 2021

Amendments To The Employment Act, 1955.

 Press Release By MTUC Penang Division -  Amendments To The Employment Act, 1955.

MTUC Penang Division has been given to understand that, in tabling amendments to the Employment Act, 1955 in Parliament, the Human Resources Minister is supposed to have credited it to the need to ratify the Comprehensive And Progressive Agreement For Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement involving 11 countries. 

Without venturing into the convincing arguments, against Malaysia ratifying the said trade pact, what we ask is simply this - isn't it the primary responsibility of our government to embark on a progressive transformation of the employment related eco-system of our working population without the same being dictated by the CPTPP? 

To credit transformation, of our arachic labour legislations to the CPTPP, signals either of two circumstances - firstly, our government has failed to appreciate the sarificies of the workers on it's own accord which, in any case is needless to be contridicated or, secondly, our government, in the overwhelming interest of the business class, is prepared to make concession just so to create an impression that it has the will to confirm with internationally accepted labour standards. In either of the said circumstances it remains true that our government would only deliver, not of their own free will, but when whipped by compelling external forces! 

MTUC Penang Division is of the view that, our Human Resources Ministry ought to adopt a proactive approach in bringing about much needed progressive changes to the prevailing pro capital labour laws. If our government has the political will, to create a vibrant workers movement in the country, it ought to subscribe to the core conventions of internationally accepted labour standards. To amend the labour laws, as dictated by the CPTPP partnership, is not only nonsensical but also an act of abdicating our sovereignty as a nation.

K. Veeriah


Malaysian Trade Union Congress 

Penang Division 

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