Saturday, August 15, 2015

MTUC:::A Corruption Free PM and Government Needed For Wellbeing of Workers in Malaysia

Malaysian Trade Union Congress(MTUC) is deeply concerned about the state of affairs in Malaysia and its impact on workers.
What has surfaced is, amongst others, the allegation of corruption against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in connection with the about RM2.6 billion allegedly found in his personal bank accounts, the allegation of  ‘wrongs’ done by 1MDB, related companies and possibly other government-linked companies (GLCs). There is also the  perception that there is also interference in various available investigation mechanisms in Malaysia, be it the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission(MACC), the Attorney General’s Chambers, police, Public Accounts Committee(PAC) of the Parliament, the Special Task Force and others. All these, including the dropping Malaysian ringgit which MTUC believes is also because of the above, may have a negative impact on workers.
Many businesses and investors consider a ‘clean corrupt free’ government, effective legal mechanisms and proper enforcement for justice as an attractive reason to come set up their businesses in Malaysia, or even remain in Malaysia.

MTUC:::Stop The 1.5 Million Foreign Workers, Focus On Re-Training Locals

Pic:FilePic:FileKUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) wants the government to stop bringing in the proposed 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers
Instead, MTUC secretary-general N. GopalKishnam said, the government should focus on re-training locals in the 3D – dangerous, difficult and dirty jobs.
He said the government should also look into increasing the pay scales for these jobs to attract the locals.
“The MTUC cannot accept Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s statement to bring in 1.5 million foreign workers from Bangladesh,” he said in a statement today.
GopalKishnam believed high perks would definitely attract locals to do 3D jobs.

MTUC: Invest in M’sians, not Bangladeshis

The government should invest in Malaysians, instead of spending money to bring in and train 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) says.

"MTUC feels it is better if locals are given enough training, as well as good wages, to absorb them into the 3D - dangerous, difficult and dirty sector," MTUC secretary-general N Gopal Kishnam said today.

Gopal (photo) said while locals may not be interested in 3D jobs now, better wages could change their minds.