Monday, July 7, 2014

Parlimen Malaysia: Hak Untuk Pekerjaan Tetap - YB Senator Tuan Syed Shahir bin Syed Mohamud (Halaman 107)

Striking Indian steel workers hold strong against police repression

Workers from 23 steel factories in the Wazirpul industrial zone near Delhi are still fighting for employers to honour the agreement reached after a 3-week strike in June. Now local police are colluding with employers to try and force workers back to work. Workers responded by rallying outside the labour department, which issued a notice against employers for not implementing the agreement. For rapid updates on the situation, check out the facebook page and blog.

Fleeing Cambodian workers facing uncertain future

In another case of migrant workers getting caught in political problems in their host country, over 200,000Cambodian migrant workers ran away from Thailand fearing arrest and persecution following the military coup in Thailand. Many have come back to situations of poverty and facing a very hostile workplace climate. Earlier this year, the Cambodian government viciously attacked striking garment workers while at the workplace. Discrimination against workers and unionists is common, see here and here.