Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why no Socso payment for single parents?

I HAVE been receiving my late husband’s Socso pension for many years. Previously, we were not allowed to get the payment if we remarry.
A few years back, the ruling changed and now widows who remarry are eligible to collect their deceased husbands’ pension.
Widows who remarried have their current husbands to take care of them financially yet still get to keep their first husband’s pension apart from their own salary.

MALAYSIA:: ‘Don’t blame workers for MAS failure’

It is naive of IDEAS to blame workers when financial mismanagement and corporat
failure led to MAS' collapse
mas_worker_300PETALING JAYA: Blaming the MAS unions for all its ills is unfortunate and naïve, said J Solomon, the  general secretary of the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE), criticising think tank IDEAS.
”The workers of MAS and the trade unions representing them have been nothing but supportive of MAS’ ventures.”
“But they have become the biggest victims of the mismanagement of MAS,” Solomon said.

MAS gagal kerana pengurusan korporat bukan salah pekerja, (PRESS RELEASE UNI-MLC)

Thailand Addressing Foreign Workers' Problems, Setting Up More Registration Centres

SAMUTPRAKARN, July 7 (Bernama) -- Thailand is addressing its foreign labour issue by setting up more one-stop service centres to register illegal migrant workers in the provinces and establishing close cooperation with its neighbours Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.
Today, it opened a centre in Samutprakarn province and will set up such centres in at least six more major provinces to register illegal migrant workers in order to address the human trafficking problem.