Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why no Socso payment for single parents?

I HAVE been receiving my late husband’s Socso pension for many years. Previously, we were not allowed to get the payment if we remarry.
A few years back, the ruling changed and now widows who remarry are eligible to collect their deceased husbands’ pension.
Widows who remarried have their current husbands to take care of them financially yet still get to keep their first husband’s pension apart from their own salary.

Those of us who choose to remain single take care of the family on our own. I am not working anymore but I have to pay for a child who is studying.
Why can’t Socso help single parents, by increasing the payments, instead of giving to those who remarried and are well-off.
I know of one case where an elderly couple who lost their son. Their daughter-in-law remarried and continues to receive their late son’s Socso pension. This is certainly unfair to the elderly couple.
I hope the Socso director will revise the law and see to the needs of single parents.

Socso committed to improve benefits

If a widow or widower remarries before May 1, 2005, his or her payment will cease.
However, from May 1, 2005 onwards the payment for widow/ widower will continue if he/she remarries as the question of dependency on monetary payment has been removed for all dependants.
Part of Section 2 subsection 3 of the Employees Social Security Act 1969 states that dependant means any of the following relatives of a deceased insured person; namely; a) Widow or widower or a child; and b) If not married, a parent or a grandparent, if no parent of the insured person is alive.
The widow or widower or child is the primary dependant while the parent or siblings are secondary dependants.
No payment will be made to secondary dependants if there are eligible primary dependants.
Socso is committed to review the cost of living and usually an enhancement for all long-term benefits will be made periodically.
The last enhancement of long-term benefits was made in 2011.
The Employees Social Security Act 1969 was revised for the ninth time in 2012 where the eligibility age for Invalidity Pension Scheme was raised from 55 years to 60 years.
Manager, Customer Services
Socso Malaysia

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