Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MALAYSIA:: ‘Don’t blame workers for MAS failure’

It is naive of IDEAS to blame workers when financial mismanagement and corporat
failure led to MAS' collapse
mas_worker_300PETALING JAYA: Blaming the MAS unions for all its ills is unfortunate and naïve, said J Solomon, the  general secretary of the National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE), criticising think tank IDEAS.
”The workers of MAS and the trade unions representing them have been nothing but supportive of MAS’ ventures.”
“But they have become the biggest victims of the mismanagement of MAS,” Solomon said.
He was criticisng think tank, the Institude for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) which had fingered the MAS trade unions for standing in the way of a restructuring of MAS which reported losses running into the billions.
“The interest of the various stakeholders – corporations and trade unions – usually does not converge”
“This is necessarily a good thing because it acts as a check and balance and will usually result in an outcome which does not tilt towards one extreme,” Solomon said.
He gave an example of the global financial crisis as the result of a system which is not regulated.
“We have all seen how an unchecked and unregulated system end up crippled,” he said adding workers paid the price while corporations were bailed out.
“We should learn from these lessons,” he said
He said IDEAS should have been more responsible when collating facts  and engagaing with all stakeholders rather than turning their guns on the unions and absolving the weakness of corporations.
“It is the workers who are the engines of MAS,” he added saying international awards that MAS won previously were due to the efforts of the workers.
“What caused the failure of MAS is simply incompetent leadership and financial mismanagement,” he said.
MAS failed to value its workers and their unions should not be unfairly blamed now.
“Management changes and many “turnaround” initiatives had failed. It only goes to show a gross incompetence of the leadership of MAS,” he said.

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