Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Employers obliged to train low-skilled workers after profiting from them, says MTUC

Trapped in a cycle of low wages and low education, the Malaysian workforce is poorly compensated compared with shareholders, making employers morally obligated to retrain and provide proper education for workers to upgrade themselves, a labour rights group has said.

MALAYSIA:::Alarming level of foreign workers without permits

THIS is earth-shattering: the number of foreign workers in Malaysia is so huge that they outnumber the capacity crowd at the Malaysia Cup football final at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil recently by a whopping 67 times. Yes, super colossal — a quarter of the country’s entire population.

MALAYSIA:::Kenaikan gaji tidak kurang 10 peratus wajar diberi

KUALA LUMPUR - Kenaikan gaji tidak kurang daripada 10 peratus wajar diberi pertimbangan kerajaan dan majikan swasta sejajar dengan peningkatan produktiviti dan prestasi para pekerja di negara ini, demikian menurut kesatuan pekerja sektor awam dan swasta.