Friday, November 22, 2013

MALAYSIA:::Tarikh Pembayaran Gaji Kakitangan Awam 2014

Januari23 Januari 2014
Tahun Baru Cina
31 Jan – 1 Feb 2014
Februari25 Februari 2014
Mac25 Mac 2014
April24 April 2014
Mei22 Mei 2014
Pesta Kaamatan
30 – 31 Mei 2014
Jun 25 Jun 2014
Hari Gawai
1 – 2 Jun 2014
Julai22 Julai 2014
Hari Raya Puasa
28 – 29 Julai 2014
Ogos 25 Ogos 2014
September25 September 2014
Oktober16 Oktober 2014
23 Oktober 2014
November25 November 2014
Disember18 Disember 2014
Hari Krismas
25 Disember 2014

Canada:::Unions plan public fight over federal labour reforms

Tony Clement says the labour reforms will "bring savings, streamline practices and bring them in line with other jurisdictions"
Tony Clement says the labour reforms will "bring savings, streamline practices and bring them in line with other jurisdictions"
In a sign they have all but given up on talks with the Treasury Board over labour reforms proposed in the federal government's budget bill, union leaders say they are taking matters into their own hands.
The Canadian Labour Congress quietly met with more than 100 representatives from unions across the country this week to plot a long-term strategy to engage both the public and union members in pressuring the government to reverse its proposed labour law changes. The CLC represents more than 3 million workers across the country.

IndustriAll Europe demands fair trade relations with China in the telecoms infrastructure sector

 Considering that good diplomatic and trade relations are not to be bought at the expense of fairness and jobs in the telecoms infrastructure sector, industriAll European Trade Union has set out its concerns regarding unfair trade practices by Chinese manufacturers, ahead of the upcoming EU  China Summit, to European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht.

ILO - International Labour Organization : ILO launches book on labour administration in times of crisis

GENEVA - The global economic crisis has had a strong impact on labour administration systems around the world, catalysing a re-evaluation of established policies and institutions in the areas of labour, employment, social protection and industrial relations, according to a new ILO book titled "Labour administration in Uncertain Times: Policy, Practice and Institutions".

Iraq: The struggle for new labor and trade union laws

BAGHDAD, Iraq (PAI) - Though an Iraqi judge has tossed out trumped-up charges against a leading Iraqi union leader, progress on enacting a new trade union law there is still stalled, a top trade union confederation reports.
The deadlock has ledIndustriALL, the international confederation that includes several U.S. unions, to call for a worldwide e-mail campaign to Iraqi leaders demanding passage of a new, more-liberal law to replace the Saddam Hussein-era statute.