Thursday, October 23, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Indian High Commission ticks off errant bosses / Perwakilan India selar majikan M'sia

The Indian High Commission today ticked off Malaysian bosses for continued mistreatment of its nationals whom they employ.

This, it said in a statement today, is despite close cooperation with the Malaysian Human Resource Ministry to curb such abuses and for remedial action.

MALAYSIA:::Are undocumented migrants the sole cause of disease spread in Malaysia?

The government and the MMA could curb the spread of contagious diseases by opening up accessibility to medical treatment and health care for all, without discrimination, says Angeline Loh.
Chin refugees from Burma in Malaysia - Photo credit: hmanthlak picasa
Chin refugees from Burma in Malaysia – Photo credit: hmanthlak picasa
In late September, the Malaysian Medical Association expressed its worry over the ‘rise in infectious diseases’ brought in and spread by migrants illegally entering the country (theSun, 29 September 2014).

INDONESIA:::Pertama di Indonesia, Bos Dibui 18 Bulan karena Kekang Hak Berserikat Buruh

Jakarta - Mahkamah Agung (MA) menghukum pimpinan PT Sri Rejeki Mebelindo, Hariyanto Hutomo Hidayat, selama 18 bulan penjara karena mengekang hak buruhnya untuk berserikat dan berorganisasi. Putusan ini menjadi putusan pertama di Indonesia dalam kasus serupa.

INDONESIA:::Hak Pekerja Perempuan dan Hukum yang Mengatur Perlindungannya