Tuesday, October 23, 2018

PRESS RELEASE by MTUC Penang Division on the Bukit Kukus landslide tragedy

PRESS RELEASE by MTUC Penang Division on the Bukit Kukus landslide tragedy

MTUC Penang Division is horrified with the statement of the Mayor of Penang, Yew Tung Seang, that the road project must go on regardless of anything!

Is the Honourable mayor taking the position that irregardless of the real possibilities of workers dying on the job work must go on? Having regards to the fact that hill slope soil mitigative measures are non existence at the said worksite, let alone in all other hill slope developments,  it is beyond comprehension that the mayor thinks otherwise. His position is like saying that where even fools dare not venture he would do so! So much so for the concept of accountability that the Pakatan Harapan administration has been shouting about!

The misplaced stand of the Penang mayor notwithstanding MTUC Penang Division reiterates its demand that all work in progress on all hill slope development in Penang be stopped with immediate effect.

On this issue we demand that the Department Of Occupational and Safety (DOSH) issues work-stop order on, not only the worksite in question, but all other hill site development projects in Penang.This can be done because the jurisdiction to do so is vested with DOSH under the relevant provision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act  and not the Penang state government or the "decorated" mayor!

It is MTUC Penang's view that if the DOSH fails to institue such stop work orders it better close shop so that tax payers money can be utilised for other cause.

MTUC Penang Division also calls upon the Minister Of Human Resources, whose jurisdiction the DOSH is parked, to direct that the full provisions of the law be enforced without political inclination because the real concerns are the lives of workers. Any default in the matter would only be a manifestation of the Minister's, and the DOSH's, lack of conviction in the administration of the law in the matter.

Secretary MTUC Penang Division
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