Friday, March 1, 2013

EPF Wants More for MISC Stake Following $2.8 Billion Buyout Bid

Jelajah Piket CIMB Cheng, Melaka


S&O Electronics workers picket for salary adjustment 
The members of the Electrical Industries Workers Union (EIWU) from S&O Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd (formerly known as Sharp-Roxy Corporation)  formed picket lines in front of the factory yesterday, following the dead-lock in the new collective agreement negotiation.
The union entered negotiations with S&O Electronics for the eleventh collective agreement at Sungai Petani’s Park Avenue hotel.
However, the negotiation fell through when the union officials walked out in protest of the salary adjustment clause of the collective agreement.
The collective agreement between S&O Electronics and EIWU renewed every three years.
According to the EIWU’s Senior Industrial Relations officer N Balakrishnan, the union brought down their demand of 12% to 5% of salary adjustments, and the negotiation reached a deadlock when the company were insistent on salary adjustment of 3.5%.
“We are hoping the company will get back to us on the salary adjustments because we have no intention of prolonging this,” said Balakrishnan.
Established in 1974, S&O Electronics specializes in audio-visual products and employs some 1000 local workers.

MTUC: Jobs aplenty in 3 sectors

KUALA LUMPUR: Prospective Malaysian employees should look at the construction, service and industrial sectors in the country in their bid to secure a job.

This is because these are the sectors which are in dire need of local manpower, said the Malaysian Trades Union Congress.
Congress president Mohd Khalid Atan said that there were plenty of other job opportunities available in other economic sectors aside from those mentioned in's job outlook report which was released on Wednesday.
"Currently, the construction, service and industrial sectors are lacking in manpower. With various government projects being lined up, more job opportunities in these sectors are now available," he told the New Straits Times.
However, Khalid feels that not many Malaysians were aware of the openings in these sectors, which sees companies seeking out services from foreign workers and expatriates.

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Families of Bangladesh fire victims get compensation

On 24 February 2013 Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina handed out compensation to the families of fire victims at Smart Fashion factory of 26 January 2013. The agreement was negotiated by the IndustriALL Regional Office, IndustriALL Bangladesh Council of trade unions (IBC) and brands Inditex and New Look.
Families of the deceased female workers Nasima (28), Josna (19), Laiju (18), Fatema (17) and Nasima (17) gathered in the Prime Minister Office in Dhaka where disbursement ceremony took place. According to the agreement, each family receives 1,049,000 BDT (13,300 USD), and one family with two minor children gets an additional 10 per cent to meet educational costs for minor children. The injured workers as well as those who lost their employment will also receive a compensation. The workers earned an average monthly wage of 4,000 BDT (50 USD).