Friday, March 1, 2013


S&O Electronics workers picket for salary adjustment 
The members of the Electrical Industries Workers Union (EIWU) from S&O Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd (formerly known as Sharp-Roxy Corporation)  formed picket lines in front of the factory yesterday, following the dead-lock in the new collective agreement negotiation.
The union entered negotiations with S&O Electronics for the eleventh collective agreement at Sungai Petani’s Park Avenue hotel.
However, the negotiation fell through when the union officials walked out in protest of the salary adjustment clause of the collective agreement.
The collective agreement between S&O Electronics and EIWU renewed every three years.
According to the EIWU’s Senior Industrial Relations officer N Balakrishnan, the union brought down their demand of 12% to 5% of salary adjustments, and the negotiation reached a deadlock when the company were insistent on salary adjustment of 3.5%.
“We are hoping the company will get back to us on the salary adjustments because we have no intention of prolonging this,” said Balakrishnan.
Established in 1974, S&O Electronics specializes in audio-visual products and employs some 1000 local workers.

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