Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Najib: Khazanah yet to settle compensation in MAS retrenchment plan | Malaysia | Mobile | The Malay Mail Online -
5 November 2014
The above captioned was caught in today's Malay Mail Online dated 5 November 2014.
The National Union NUFAM fears such statement will give an adverse impact on the workers itself if MAS decides solely on who they wish to retain in MAS Baru.
This warrants NUFAM to question which staffs will be selected to stay and who will be asked to leave, no one knows up to this date.
At this moment, 6000 staffs future will be at the mercy of the current management who remains in power to control MAS.

MALAYSIA:::Malayan Railway accused of union-busting

MTUC says the dismissals and suspensions were unprecedented and justifies Malaysia's ranking as “one of the worst employers on this planet”.
Get out! RUM tells KTMB boss1PETALING JAYA: The MTUC (Malaysian Trade Union Congress) today accused Malayan Railway of union-busting for sacking the entire Exco of the Railway Union of Malaysia.
J Solomon, vice president of MTUC confirmed 41 union members were given the sack while another 45 were suspended.
He said the Finance Ministry should act immediately to save the affected 85 Malaysian employees and their families as the top two in Malayan Railways were appointed by the Finance Minister.