Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Malayan Railway accused of union-busting

MTUC says the dismissals and suspensions were unprecedented and justifies Malaysia's ranking as “one of the worst employers on this planet”.
Get out! RUM tells KTMB boss1PETALING JAYA: The MTUC (Malaysian Trade Union Congress) today accused Malayan Railway of union-busting for sacking the entire Exco of the Railway Union of Malaysia.
J Solomon, vice president of MTUC confirmed 41 union members were given the sack while another 45 were suspended.
He said the Finance Ministry should act immediately to save the affected 85 Malaysian employees and their families as the top two in Malayan Railways were appointed by the Finance Minister.

He also held Malayan Railway president Elias Kader and chairman Nawawi Ahmad responsible.
Accusing Malayan Railway management for nursing their dented ego and pride, Solomon was dismayed they had preferred to take vengeance on union members instead of applying the principles of social dialogue.
“It is shocking to note that Malayan Railway which is a government-owned company that is managed using tax payers money has resorted to bullying tactics.
“This has violated all the laws and International Labour Standards which were adopted by the government at the International Labour Organisation,” Solomon said.
He added that these dismissals and suspensions were unprecedented in Malaysia which further justified Malaysia’s ranking as “one of the worst employers on this planet”.
Solomon said the dismissed employees were from the lowest income group and their family members were now experiencing mental trauma.
“The only wrongdoing by the dismissed and suspended workers is that they exercised their rights as trade union members and picketed.
“During the picket they exercised their right to communicate to the public their grouses when all attempts of consultation failed with the management,” Solomon said.

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