Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Cadang perlindungan lebih baik pekerja asing

PETALING JAYA - Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Penasihat Kedua Kaukus Antara Parlimen Mengenai Penghijrahan Buruh dan misi mencari fakta ke Malaysia mencadangkan agar negara pengeksport pekerja dan kerajaan Malaysia menandatangani memorandum persefahaman (MoU) bagi memelihara dan memberi perlindungan lebih baik terhadap hak pekerja asing di Malaysia.

MALAYSIA:::Can you survive on minimum wage in M’sia?

Living on less than RM1000 a month is tricky business indeed so in the interest of curiosity, this article will attempt to look into the lives of minimum wage workers to determine how they survive in Malaysia.
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There has been and will continue to be a lot of talk about minimum wage recently due to the enforcement of the new ruling in January 2014. The minimum monthly income was set at RM900 for peninsular Malaysia and RM800 for east Malaysia.
The announcement has been met with mixed reviews thus far, with several Malaysians arguing that the amount is insufficient, considering the recent surge in the cost of living. Conversely, some Malaysians feel that the law decreases the competitiveness of the nation’s industries while doing more to benefit foreign laborers rather than locals. Some business heads also lamented that it would in turn force them to raise prices even more.


Rio Tinto heavily blamed by protesters over 41 mine worker deaths

Global trade union IndustriAll accuses Anglo-Australian firm of 'very wide breaches of fundamental rights' in failure over safety
IndustriAll global union protesters llobby Rio Tinto Zinc's AGM in London
IndustriAll global union protesters llobby Rio Tinto Zinc's AGM in London. Photograph: Sean Smith

Protesters and unions from around the world heavily criticise miningcompany Rio Tinto on Tuesday over alleged lapses in safety leading to the deaths of 41 people and a string of claimed environmental abuses.
Global trade union IndustriAll, which represents 50 million industrial workers across the world, accused Rio of "very wide breaches of fundamental rights" and said the Anglo-Australian mining company could have done more to prevent the 41 deaths last year.