Wednesday, October 2, 2019

US Sanctions Against A Malaysian Rubber Glove Company.

Press Release - US Sanctions Against A Malaysian Rubber Glove Company.

MTUC Penang Division views, with utmost concern, the decision of the United States to ban imports from a Malaysian rubber glove company. It is even more alarming that the said sanction was on account of an alleged abuse of workers right. We are given to understand such abuse included what has been described as bonded labour on account of the grossly injustice fees imposed on the workers by uncaring recruiting agents.

Though it is stated that the migrant workers, in the case of the company involved WRP Asia Pacific, paid inexorbitant amounts in the range of RM 20,000.00 to secure employment, we believe that migrant workers across  many sector face the same predicament.

In the case of WRP Asia Pacific it is a documented fact that the migrant workers initiated an action to withhold their labour, otherwise called a strike, on account of the company's failure to pay their wages and restriction of their movement etc.

And, it was reported, that, the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia had, even as in February, 2019, admitted that the said company was in breach of multiple labour protective laws related to pay-cuts, overtime etc. It was also reported that the Minister Of Human Resources, himself, as stating that action would be instituted against the said company. Sadly, we are yet to hear of any course of action preferred against the said company.

That sad state of affairs brings us to the question of whether there is a true commitment, on the part of the Human Resoucers Ministry, to execute its mandatory obligations to bring errant employers to face the force of the law?

MTUC Penang believes that there are much, much more cases like that of WRP and our concern is whether the government is equally concerned in addressing the issue. Least the government forgets, the glove manufacturing sector contributes substantially to the industrial out-put of the economy.

And, our concern is the impact of the case of WRP on the glove manufacturing sector as a whole. Even more is our concern if the US sanction would escalate to other economic blocks like the European Union and the Uk NHS.

In conclusion MTUC Penang Division wishes to affirm that we support our Secretary-General, Bro. J. Soloman's suggestion (FMT today) that the government engages with MEF and MTUC on the issue.

Secretary MTUC Penang Division
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