Friday, December 6, 2013

PITTSTON TWP:::Union organizers rally outside McDonalds; part of nationwide protest - Business - The Times-Tribune

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Union organizers rally outside McDonalds; part of nationwide protest - Business - The Times-Tribune

MALAYSIA:::Singaporeans in Malaysia must behave themselves

Singaporeans in Malaysia must behave themselves 

NUBE today submitted a complaint to the Singapore High Commission,

 His Excellency Ong Keng Yong. The complaint was against the barbaric actions of YBhg Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan and the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Hong Leong Bank, Mr Tan Kong Khoon. Both of are Singaporeans. Quek and Tan are planning to sack 45 Hong Leong bank workers.

 The 45 workers who have objected to the “forced transfer” were not allowed to enter the bank’s premises, sign in their attendance or use the toilets or even allow the Muslim workers to perform their prayers in the premises since 18 November 2013. Quek and Tan through their dim-witted Human Resource team claim that since the workers did not accept the transfer they cannot enter the bank’s premises. Quek and Tan have not addressed the complaint filed by the 45 workers since February 2013. 

The Singapore Embassy was trying to avoid acceptance of the complaint by claiming that this was a domestic issue and must be dealt by the Malaysian Government. Nevertheless, the 50 over NUBE members and supporters present with the assistance of ASP Jamal from PRDM convinced the embassy to come down and accept the complaint. Finally, at about 11.23, Ms Kelly Wong the Public Affairs Officer accepted the complaint. We thank PDRM for their cooperation and professionalism

Warga Singapura di Malaysia mesti prihatin

NUBE hari ini telah mengemukakan satu aduan kepada Suruhanjaya Tinggi Singapura, Tuan Yang Terutama Ong Keng Yong.

Aduan itu adalah terhadap kekejaman gasar YBhg Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Hong Leong Bank yang baru dilantik, Encik Tan Kong Khoon. Kedua-duanya adalah rakyat Singapura.

Quek dan Tan merancang untuk memecat 45 Hong Leong pekerja bank. 45 pekerja yang membantah "pemindahan yang dilancarkan secara paksaan" tidak dibenarkan untuk memasuki premis bank, log masuk kehadiran mereka, menggunakan tandas ataupun menjalankan solat di dalam premis itu sejak 18 November 2013.

Quek dan Tan melalui pasukan Sumber Manusianya yang jahil mendakwa pekerja ini tidak boleh dibenarkan masuk premis bank kerana mereka tidak menerima pemindahan tersebut.

Quek dan Tan juga tidak mempedulikan aduan yang dibuat oleh 45 orang pekerja ini sejak Februari 2013.

Kedutaan Singapura cuba mengelakkan penerimaan aduan itu dengan mendakwa bahawa ini adalah isu domestik dan perlu ditangani oleh Kerajaan Malaysia .

Walau bagaimanapun, lebih 50 orang ahli NUBE dan penyokong yang hadir berserta bantuan dari ASP Jamal dari PRDM telah mendorong kedutaan Singapore untuk turun dan menerima aduan itu . Akhirnya, pada kira-kira 11.23 , Cik Kelly Wong Pegawai Hal Ehwal Awam telah terima aduan tersebut.

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada PDRM atas kerjasama serta profesionalisme mereka


South Africa:::Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela was a giant in the fight against racism—and the world’s most famous prisoner. He was a symbol of defiance against injustice that inspired a great movement of resistance and solidarity.
His life and the reality of South Africa today also raise real questions about how we win real change.
Mandela’s courageous opposition to South Africa’s vile apartheid regime in the 1950s and 1960s brought him to prominence and a leading position in the African National Congress (ANC). This made him the target for brutal state repression.

ALBANY- Union members protest condition of VA facilities

Union members protest outside the VA hospital in Albany
WNYT - Union members protest condition of VA facilities

IndustriALL launches second issue of “Global Worker” | IndustriALL

IndustriALL launches second issue of “Global Worker” | IndustriALL

IndustriALL :::Fire kills seven and injures three in Italy

Fire kills seven and injures three in Italy | IndustriALL

IndustriALL Executives condemn Samsung for union busting

Today at the international body meeting, IndustriALL Executive Committee members unanimously approved a petition condemning Samsung Electronics for union busting policy.

Samsung Electronics, one of the biggest IT corporations of the world has a long history of disrespect towards labour and human rights. The Korean Metal Workers’ Union, an IndustriALL affiliate, raised the issue citing numerous cases of violations of workers’ rights ranging from kidnapping and battening of union leaders up to a special training delivered by the company to its management with the specific aim of implementation of an effective “union-free” policy not only in Korea itself but also in other countries of the region.