Friday, December 6, 2013

IndustriALL Executives condemn Samsung for union busting

Today at the international body meeting, IndustriALL Executive Committee members unanimously approved a petition condemning Samsung Electronics for union busting policy.

Samsung Electronics, one of the biggest IT corporations of the world has a long history of disrespect towards labour and human rights. The Korean Metal Workers’ Union, an IndustriALL affiliate, raised the issue citing numerous cases of violations of workers’ rights ranging from kidnapping and battening of union leaders up to a special training delivered by the company to its management with the specific aim of implementation of an effective “union-free” policy not only in Korea itself but also in other countries of the region.
KMWU protest
The well-known global IT producer is also notorious for poor working conditions including long-working hours and largely using a precariously employed workforce. At the same time the company tries to prevent workers from joining trade unions disabling them from fighting for better conditions. Not only does Samsung do everything to prevent workers from joining trade unions, the company also makes pressure on unionized precariously employed workers forcing them to withdraw from their representative organizations. The pressure including discrimination in payment based on union 
membership as well as continuous targeted auditing of union members is very high.
KMWU protest
The resolution reveals the case of Jong-Beom Choi, Samsung Electronics Service Local union member, who was pushed into extreme hardship through such targeted auditing and committed suicide on 31 October 2013 in protest of Samsung union repression.
At the end of the resolution the IndustriALL Executives said, “Samsung cannot become a truly world-class company without giving up its “union-free” policy. Representing 50 million industrial workers of the world we call on transnational corporation Samsung Electronics to give up its “union-free” policy, recognize trade unions and stop trade union repression. We call on Samsung Electronics to apologize for the death of Samsung Electronics Service Local union member Jong-Beom Choi and immediately take measures to solve the issues.”
Tomorrow, on 6 December 2013, KMWU representatives are submitting a complaint against Samsung with the International Labour Organization Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV

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