Friday, May 19, 2017

MALAYSIA:::Human Resources Ministry aims to make housing for foreign workers a mandatory

 The government is amending a law to make it mandatory for employers to provide an integrated and centralised labour quarters for their foreign workers by next year.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem said his ministry will table the amended Standard Minimum Housing and Amenities Act 446 (1990) in Parliament on January 8 next year as part of efforts to provide better living conditions for foreign workers as well as address various social ills.

“Hopefully, the legislators will pass this amendment to make it compulsory for all employers to provide basic minimum standard housing for their foreign workers,” Richard told reporters earlier today.
He had earlier launched a centralised labour quarters comprising 40 units with three rooms each, which is able to accommodate up to 600 workers.

At present, the existing law stipulates that only plantation companies must provide living quarters for their foreign workers.

Some foreign workers in Malaysia are living either at hostels provided by their respective companies or at rented properties.

If the amended law is passed, employers from all sectors such as manufacturing, security, food and beverage, and others will have to provide living quarters for their foreign workers.

Richard said the effort is needed as Malaysia does not have a minimum standard for foreign workers’ living quarters which have caused various social problems.

“It is hoped that with this initiative, the welfare and the safety of the foreign workers can be ensured as well as preserve the social harmony among the community and (for us to) adhere to international standards involving the management of foreign workers.”