Thursday, February 26, 2015

MALAYSIA:::USM lecturer urges Malaysia to treat migrant workers better

GEORGE TOWN: A USM senior lecturer today urged Malaysia, as a host nation for migrant workers, to enhance standards concerning their welfare and living conditions.
USM Centre for Policy Research and International Studies (Cenpris) chairman Associate Prof Dr B. Renany said the country should have certain standards of social responsibility for foreign workers.
Those in charge of policy could glean insight from the private sector on how they managed migrant human resources, he added.
He said these measures included establishing training centres to inculcate respect between employer and employee as well as addressing cultural differences.
"If we do not figure out our own standards to handle these issues, others will impose their own standards on us," he said in a press conference today after opening a workshop dealing with migration and cohesion in multi-ethnic societies.
Papers presented during the one-day workshop included Malaysian-Indonesian migrant issues, ethics of internal immigration controls and inter-ethnic harmony and religious diversity.
Renany also said criticism against Malaysia on handling maid abuse cases could present an opportunity to explore avenues to resolve the problem.
He said Malaysia was not the only host nation facing such issues, pointing out that Indonesia too had its share of maid abuse cases.
"The blame should not be on any specific country or party but the issue must be considered as a whole," he added.

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