Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NUBE Labour Research Institute to offer Professional Studies in Trade Unionism

Jul 29, 2013
In the last 30 years workers’ rights have been brutally battered and as a result workers have become ignorant of their basic human rights. Trade Union membership and rights have equally suffered battery.
The government, employers and workers must recognize International Labour Standards and adopt labour, economic and social policies in conformity with the International Labour Standards.

The NUBE Labour Research Institute (NLRI) is proud to announce the commencement of its first ever comprehensive Professional Studies in Trade Unionism in this region on 24 August 2013.
The NLRI is a Labour Research Institute established on the 1 May 2013. It is managed by Koperasi NUBE Berhad.
The Professional studies are designed specifically for trade union members with the sole aim of empowering them with knowledge and skills on trade unionism.
The comprehensive four part modules offered by NLRI has been created by experts from the academic field, trade unions and industrial relations in Malaysia covering subjects such as History, Philosophy of Trade Unionism, Trade Union Movement in Malaysia and International Labour Standards, Legal Framework and Trade Union Activism will be conducted on weekends over 9 months starting from August 24, 2013.
The objective of this course is to enrich trade union members with theoretical and practical knowledge on human, labour and trade union rights, labour laws and trade union activism. This knowledge would translate into creating a pool of more knowledgeable, effective and proactive trade union members protecting of human, labour and trade union rights.
The course is open for all trade union members and workers in general.
“A worker with knowledge of his rights and applying that rights effectively will command respect from any sensible employer at the workplace” said NUBE General Secretary J. Solomon.
“So, the time has come for Malaysian workers to regain control of their rights and exercise those rights to avoid reemergence of an era of slavery”, he added.
NLRI Director, Ravi Nekko said that the Malaysian workers will now be able to equip themselves with an all rounded education encompassing philosophy, history and law. This will create intellectual debate and in time will bring change to the Malaysian perspective on labour.
The NLRI is poised towards moving the nation to be in compliance with minimum Labour Standards embodied in the International Labour Organization’s Recommendations and Conventions and Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as empower and equip workers with the required knowledge and skills to improve and enhance Malaysian trade unionism nationally and internationally.
For more information visit www.nlri.com.my or send an email to nlri@nube.org.my
copy from: http://nube.org.my

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