Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Office assistants left out of courses | theSundaily

Office assistants left out of courses

  A study conducted by the Public Service General Office Assistants Union revealed at least 20% of its members nationwide have not undergone development courses.
Cuepacs secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said it is shocking that 20% out of 32,000 members nationwide have not attended these courses. She said it is mandatory for civil servants to attend training programmes at least seven days a year to fulfil requirements of the public sector training policy.
"In a big organisation, it is important to start from the bottom. These people are important groups as they are the machinery that support the organisation; it will be difficult to get things done without them," she told a press conference today.
On a separate matter related to a general office assistant who was sacked, Loke hoped for a win-win solution. She said the office assistant at a college in Selangor was sacked last October as he did not report to his new place of transfer, 200km from his original place of work.
"We hope the assistant and his superior will resolve the issue. The assistant must be given an opportunity to explain himself too," she said.
It was revealed trouble started for the man when he was suspected of reporting alleged misconduct of a superior to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
However, Loke said there is no proof he had lodged the report.
She added the office assistant appealed but there had been no reply from the institution.

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