Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ILO report on domestic work across the world

ILO report on domestic work across the worldFeb 07, 2013

ILO report on domestic work across the world
At least 52 million people around the world – mainly women -are employed as domestic workers, according to the first research of its kind conducted by the International Labour Organization.
They account for 7.5 per cent of women’s wage employment worldwide and a far greater share in some regions. Between the mid-1990s and 2010, there was an increase of more than 19 million domestic workers worldwide.

Many migrate to other countries to find work. Despite the size of the sector, many domestic workers experience poor working conditions and insufficient legal protection.
The report, Domestic workers across the world: Global and regional statistics and the extent of legal protection, follows the adoption, in June 2011, of a new ILO Convention and Recommendation on domestic work. It presents national statistics and new global and regional estimates on the number of domestic workers. It shows that domestic workers represent a significant share of the labour force worldwide and that domestic work is an important source of wage employment for women.

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