Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perkeso free check-up runaround

I WAS looking forward to the free medical check-up and mammogram under the Program Saringan Kesihatan by Perkeso (Socso) when I received the vouchers.
However, it ended up in a runaround. All the clinics that I contacted did not perform mammograms.
I was told by the staff of Perkeso that the panel doctors that I approached would refer me to medical centres for my mammogram.
However, I was told that they would only refer me if I am paying for the mammogram.
Why can’t Perkeso list in its website the panel of doctors performing mammograms?
Some of the clinics I approached were not even aware that they are on the panel of doctors.
Some said they had yet to receive the forms from Perkeso, so were unable to accept the vouchers.
Come on Perkeso, what is going on?
Petaling Jaya

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