Friday, July 12, 2013

Electrolux pledges full reinstatement of Thai union leaders

IndustriALL, IF Metall and Electrolux management have reached an additional agreement for full reinstatement of the suspended union leaders and withdrawal of the court case against them.

Over recent months, IndustriALL Global Union together with Swedish affiliate IF Metall have been actively pushing for a just solutionincluding full reinstatement of the suspended union leaders at the Electrolux Rayong plant while the industrial dispute in deadlock.
After long and tough negotiations with Electrolux, on 28 June, IndustriALL Global Union, IF Metall and the Electrolux management reached an additional agreement which surmounts obstacles for both the Electrolux Thailand Worker’s Union-ETWU and the local management in Rayong. This additional agreement includes:
  • The company will immediately withdraw the cases pending in the court against the members of the union by receiving the agreed application for reinstatement with the applicant’s signature on.
  • All parties are committed to contribute to the development of social dialogue and mature industrial relations between the social partners and conduct joint training to support both the union and management in the Rayong plant.
IF Metall, the former IMF, and Thai affiliate TEAM actively engaged in organizing the Rayong plant in 2010 and soon after that ETWU was formed to represent the workers’ interests.
IndustriALL and IF Metall will continue to support the workers and the union leaders to re-vitalize the union activities and to create stronger unity at the plant.
Electrolux union president Phaiwan Metha
Electrolux union president Phaiwan Metha

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