Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GENEVA - ILO Alerts on Situation of Youth Employment and Migration

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Geneva, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) The International Labour Organization (ILO) warned today on the critical situation of youth in migration and employment, as part of International Youth Day 2013.
A communiqué of that entity to mark the date indicates that in 2010 was estimated at 27 million the amount of young people considered as international migrants, almost a third of the total outflows.

The note states that although these figures constitute a vast potential for rapprochement between peoples, intercultural dialogue and development, poses challenges in regard to exclusion, poverty, exploitation and discrimination.

The report recommends the need to better understand the complex realities of these migrations to devise more adapted and effective public policies.

It also alerts on the need within societies to increase access to quality education, democratic participation, and intercultural meetings.

ILO recognizes that in 2012 were registered nearly 75 million unemployed young people in the world, many of them who never labored and millions trapped in insecure jobs with low productivity.

The report mentions that currently more than six million young people stop looking for jobs, while there are four million unemployed more than in 2007.

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