Thursday, November 28, 2013

MALAYSIA:::Jeff Ooi branded 'anjing kurap', 'pandi kutty' / Jeff Ooi pula digelar 'anjing kurap', 'pandi Kutty'


Four trade unions representing Penang Municipal Council workers sank their claws into Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi today for his "kucing kurap" remark and called him "anjing kurap".

Representatives of the four unions - Kesatuan Kebangsaan Perkerja-Perkerja Pengguna Tempatan (Anulae), Penang Municipal Services Union, Kesatuan Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan and Kesatuan Buruh Majlis - vented their frustration at a press conference in Komtar today.
NONEThey held a huge banner denouncing Ooi as "arrogant, rude and lacking in manners". They then shouted "anjing kurap" and "hidup pekerja".
Spokesperson for the unions, Saleem Salleh (left) said if Ooi refused to apologise within 10 days from today, they would bring a bigger group to protest.

"We also plan to send a protest letter to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng," he said.

"We will now boycott Ooi"s constituency visits," he added.

Council staff terribly embarrassed
Council worker See Seng Bee said that when he met Ooi during his visit to Jelutong last week, Ooi snapped at him, saying, "I only want the heads of departments, you all can berambus (get lost)."
NONESee (left) was among eight licensing and enforcement officers, among them a female officer, who met Ooi on his illegal hawkering complaints.

"We left the scene but felt terribly embarrassed and I could not sleep for two nights," he added.

According to Saleem, the unions represent 2,000 workers.

Among those present were Persatuan Kebajikan Ihsan Mulia president Aminah Abdullah and her husband Mohd Rofi Osman, a council worker.
'Pandi Kutty' of Jelutong
At the press conference, Saleem said Ooi need not be a "hero" by showing off his "umprofessionalism" towards innocent lower ranking staff.

"He forgot that he is CM's (former) chief of staff and the chairman of PDC communications, a state agency and part of the state government which pays him for the position," he added.

Saleem said it appears as if the people wrongly voted in an "anjing kurap" who barks up the wrong tree.

"We could also call him, not the tiger, but the 'pandi kutty' (piglet) of Jelutong," he said.

"He seems to have forgotten where he came from," he added.

Saleem said it was normal for the council's president Patahiyah Ismail or heads of departments to delegate work to lower ranking staff.

"Council workers merely follow orders, has Ooi forgotten that? If heads cannot attend to him, he can always obtain reports from the local councillors," he added.

Saleem then asked Ooi to retract and apologise to all council staff over his statement, saying that Ooi is "an outsider", and most of his kind "do not provide service, were publicity crazy and merely wish to accumulate wealth for personal gains".
Contacted later, Ooi said he would not "to play to their gallery."

"I refuse to comment," he added, and abruptly ended the call.

Ooi has ruffled a lot of feathers by describing the staff of the Penang Island Municipal Council as "kucing kurap".

Jeff Ooi pula digelar 'anjing kurap', 'pandi Kutty'

Empat kesatuan sekerja yang mewakili pekerja Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang hari ini mengecam MP Jelutong Jeff Ooi berhubung kenyataan "kucing kurap" yang dibuatnya, dengan menggelarkannya pula sebagai "anjing kurap".

Wakil empat kesatuan - Kesatuan Kebangsaan Perkerja-Perkerja Pengguna Tempatan ( Anulae ), Kesatuan Perkhidmatan Perbandaran Pulau Pinang, Kesatuan Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan and Kesatuan Buruh Majlis - meluahkan kekecewaan mereka itu dalam satu sidang media di Komtar hari ini.
NONEMereka membawa sepanduk besar mengecam Ooi sebagai sombong, 
biadap dan tiada bersopan. Mereka kemudiannya melaungkan "anjing kurap" dan "hidup pekerja".
Jurucakap bagi pihak kesatuan berkenaan, Saleem Salleh (kiri) berkata, jika Ooi enggan memohon maaf berhubung kenyataan "kuching kurap" dalam tempoh 10 hari dari hari ini, mereka akan membawa lebih ramai untuk mengadakan protes.

Katanya, mereka juga merancang untuk menghantar surat bantahan kepada Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng.


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