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MALAYSIA:::Benefits of employment injury insurance scheme

The article explains on the insurance scheme offered by the Social Security Organisation and how to go about its application processes.
PETALING JAYA: SaveMoney.my’s guide to Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has explained the basics, as well as some of the benefits you might receive from it. As we have previously mentioned, there are different benefits depending on the type of scheme you are subscribed to. Today we cover more of what you will find under the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme.
Employment Injury Insurance Scheme — Benefits
Temporary disablement. This benefit is paid to employees who have been certified by a doctor to be unfit for work for not less than (4) days including the day of the accident. This benefit is paid for the duration of the period the employee is on medical leave. However, no benefit will be paid for the days for which the employee works and earns wages during this period. The benefit rate will be 80% of the daily wage of the employee (as per previous SOCSO contribution rate), from a minimum of RM10 to a maximum of RM78.67 per day.

How to claim? Claims can be made by submitting the following documents to the employer’s registered SOCSO office not later than 12 months following incident date:
• Form 21 (accident report).
• Form 10 (claim form).
• Doctor’s Certification (Form 13) or the original copy of the Medical Certificate.
• A copy of identity card.
• Attendance record/punch card/ employer certification.
• Form PKS (F) 1 (statement of wages/ contribution details). For accidents which occur while commuting, please also submit the following:
• Police report.
• Sketch map of place of accident. For Occupatioal Diseases, claims may be made by submitting the following documents:
• Form 68 (if the employee is still working).
• Form 69 (if the employee has stopped working).
• Original copy of the Medical Certificate (if any).
• Form 10 (if there is any medical leave).
Dependent’s benefit. If an employee dies as a result of an employment injury, his dependents are entitled to this benefit. The benefit rate will be 90% of the daily wage of the employee (as per previous SOCSO contribution rate) from a minimum of RM10 to a maximum of RM88.50 per day.
If there is a surviving widow, widower, or children, the claimant must submit to SOCSO the following documents:
• Claim Form (Form 24).
• Death Certificate of the employee*.
• Birth Certificates of all the children*.
• Marriage Certificate*.
• Widow/Widower’s Identity Card (whichever relevant)*.
• A copy of the savings account book of the claimant.
(*bring along the original documents for SOCSO’s verification)
The 90% of daily wage benefit will be divided to the employee’s surviving spouse(s) and children in the following priority and proportions:
• Spouse(s) — three fifth — receives benefit for life even after remarriage.
• Children (up to 21 years of age or upon marriage) — two fifth of total, in total — includes biological, stepchildren, adopted children, and children born out of wedlock.
If the employee leaves behind no spouse(s) or children, the dependent’s benefit will be divided into the following priority and proportions:
• Parents: four tenth — for life.
• Siblings: three tenth — till age of 21 or marriage.
• Grandparents: four tenth — for life. Next week, SaveMoney.my will cover the benefits under the Invalidity Pension Scheme.
Hann Liew is the founder and editor-in-chief of SaveMoney.my, an online consumer advice portal.

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