Sunday, December 15, 2013

THAILAND:::When will workers intervene in the political conflict in Thailand?

The political crisis that has been developing over the last few weeks in Thailand is showing no sign of abating. The government’s decision to resign and call for fresh elections has only encouraged the fascist forces of the Yellow Shirts to call for the army to stage a coup. This crisis shows the deep division within the capitalist class in Thailand. While the Thai army has a history of carrying out coups, it is unclear who they would support at this stage, or how their intervention would resolve anything. The missing actors are the workers and the progressive sections of the mass movement that were the mainstay of the Red Shirts. Our brothers and sisters need to come out to campaign for the right to organise, for a living wage, for the rights of migrant workers, and a universal health and welfare system. This is a fight we can win. source:::

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