Friday, January 3, 2014

INDIA:::Union Bank focuses on partnering the Indian family dream

New campaign by DDB Mudra West comprising 5 TVCs featuring Pankaj Kapoor with different stories that buttress the brand communication of ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’
Sohini Sen | Mumbai | January 3, 2014

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To drive home its brand promise ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’, Union Bank of India (UBI), one of the largest PSU banks, has launched a new campaign to showcase its products and services to the Indian audience. DDB Mudra West has conceptualised a set of five TVCs as part of the campaign to show that Union Bank of India’s products and services are not only on a par with that of private banks but also surpasses them in many ways.
Aman Mannan and Ashish Phatak, Group Creative Directors, DDB Mudra, said, “The simple observation in life that kick-started the entire process was to acknowledge that unlike in the West, our dreams do not feed on individual aspirations but on the collective energy of every family member. For example, to have your own home is a dream not owned by an individual but an entire family. The entire campaign is based on this simple understanding. We wanted people to believe that Union Bank of India is part of their everyday life. And hence, all the five stories revolve around ‘shared Indian dreams’ and the role played by Union Bank’s products and services to make them come true.”
DDB Mudra decided to use slice of life incidents to showcase and portray how UBI stands for the Indian dream. Taking Pankaj Kapoor as the face of the campaign, they weaved different situations that he and his family face in day to day life and how UBI comes to their rescue.
The team zeroed down on five products and services and decided to cast a single family for all the five films. This was critical as it was important to illustrate how these products and services can improve the quality of life of an average Indian family. Two of these are already on air while the remaining will hit the screens shortly this month.
The first TVC – Doubt – opens with a phone ringing. As the young wife inches towards receiving it, her husband takes it sayings it is for him. The situations keep increasing with the husband being on call for long periods, and switching off his laptop as soon as his wife arrives. All this leads the wife to suspect her husband. However, when the phone rings again and she picks it up before he can, she realises it is from UBI’s car loan section and her husband has been talking to them for a car as her surprise birthday gift! She is surprised and extremely happy and thanks her husband as her suspicions are laid to rest.
The second TVC is called ‘Address’ and opens with Pankaj Kapoor and his son at the wedding card printer’s office. His son is told that the cards will take five days to get printed. Kapoor laments the fact that he cannot see off his daughter, who is about to get married, from his own house. But then he comforts himself by saying that even a rented house is a home. The cards arrive and Kapoor, sitting in a car with his whole family, notices a glitch in the address. He complains that the address has been printed wrong but his son says that it is not possible. Kapoor reads out the address and asks whose house is that? The car stops in front of a beautiful house and his son turns to him and tells him that he can see off his daughter from his own house, after all! Both TVCs end with a voiceover announcing the brand philosophy: “Union Bank of India, Kyunki aapke sapne sirf aapke nahin’ (‘your dreams are not yours alone’).”
Sonal Dabral, Chairman & CCO, DDB Mudra Group, said about the strategy, “Union Bank of India always puts people first. It is this thinking that gave birth to the now famous platform of ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’. DDB Mudra Group has already created two very successful brand campaigns on this platform and in this third installment the line gets a product spin. In keeping with their vision, Union Bank has come out with many innovative offerings that put the consumer at the forefront, with technology becoming an enabler making life more convenient and relationships richer.”
Dabral added, “We decided that the best way to communicate this was through simple human stories that could be happening everyday in any Indian household – all seen through the eyes of the same family. The biggest triumph of this campaign is the very real tonality and its perfect casting with Pankaj Kapoor lighting up the screen as the head of this ordinary Indian family. We are very excited with this latest campaign for Union Bank of India and I’m sure people will love these films as much as we do. Like our earlier campaigns for this brand , this too is less advertising more life.”


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