Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MALAYSIA:::At last, secret ballot being conducted at RENESAS - UNION or NO UNION?

Finally, the workers of RENESAS Semiconductor KL Sdn Bhd (formerly known as NEC Semiconductors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd] have got their 'secret ballot' which will Electronic Industry Employees Union Western Region, Peninsular Malaysia (EIEUWR)/ Kesatuan Sekerja Industri Elektronik Wilayah Barat Semenjung  Malaysia(KSIEWBSM) determine whether their Union will be accorded recognition - something that is needed before the Union can enter into negotiations and sign a Collective Bargaining Agreement with their employer, RENESAS.

If there are 100 qualified workers, then 51 or more workers must come out and vote in favour of the Union. Workers who cannot make it to cast their ballot will be deemed to be not in favour of the Union. Employers have been known to use many kinds of strategies that prevents workers having the time to come out and vote. 

There would have been no need for a 'secret ballot' if only RENESAS had recognized the Union, whose membership was 70% of those then qualified to vote. But RENESAS delayed recognition of the UNION using technicalities and legal challenges, that went all the way to the Federal Court. The Union President, a worker at RENESAS, was also wrongfully terminated 26/8/2011 (his case in now pending at the Industrial Court).

In RENESAS, the secret ballot is said to be happening today, and will continue for the next 2 days

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