Thursday, January 9, 2014

MALAYSIA>>Single Recipients Of Socso Pensions, Benefits No Longer Need To Submit Annual Certification

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 (Bernama) -- Beginning this year, all single recipients of Dependent's Benefit and Survivors' Pension comprising of widows or widowers, mothers or fathesr, grandfathers or grandmothers are no longer required to submit the annual certificate using Form 117.

The Social Security Organisation (Socso) in a statement today said the new rules will facilitate 50,871 beneficiaries who previously had to make a declaration using the form every year to ensure they continued to receive pensions and benefits from Socso.

However, he said the new regulation would not apply to recipients of Survivors' Pension and Benefit Obligations if there are two or more recipients.

"It also does not apply to a single recipient who is a son or brother of the insured person who has died and they must submit a declaration of their eligibility before the end of each year using Form 117," he said.

The statement said the payment of pensions and benefits to recipients who are exempted from filling out the form will be credited into their bank accounts as usual or paid by warrants to those who do not have bank accounts.

He said the Form 117 issued to certain recipients was now being updated.

Recipients who have yet to complete the Form 117 are requested to do so at the nearest Socso office or by contacting Socso's Customer Relations Management Branch at 03-42575755 or downloaded it through the Socso's website at


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