Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zimbabwe>>ILO team visits as labour attacks mount


A FRESH International Labour Organisation (ILO) commission of inquiry is heading for Harare amid increasing reports of labour law violations and police brutality against trade unions.
Last year, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) had a scuffle with police who blocked commemoration of the September 16 police brutality day despite recommendations by an ILO probe team of 2009 which demanded a stop to police involvement in trade union activities.
ZCTU acting secretary-general Gideon Shoko said Wednesday that the fresh probe team will be in Harare in February to review progress made by government in implementing its recommendations as well as ensuring trade unionist were not under State attack.
“As labour we hope that government is going to take us seriously and implement the recommendations which were accepted and agreed to by all parties,” Shoko added.

The ILO commission, which met various stakeholders including trade unions, government and employers groups, found government guilty of several violations of labour laws, in particular freedom of association, the right to strike, and protection of trade unionist from discrimination.
The recommendations ILO made to government include the harmonisation of labour laws to meet both the demands of the employers and employees.
“The commission also recommended that police officer be taught on human rights issues as well as members of the judiciary should be well resourced,” Shoko said.
Government on the other hand, recently said it was in the process of harmonising the two labour laws.
Some of the recommendations that were made by ILO have been met with the promotion of social dialogue already underway while the establishment of the human rights commission now constitutionally provided for.

Zimbabwe joined ILO in 1980 and has ratified 29 conventions out of 182.

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