Monday, April 7, 2014

Garment workers continue fighting in Cambodia and Bangladesh

The last couple of years have seen continued mobilisations and repression in both Bangladesh and Cambodia. In Bangladesh, as the one year anniversary of the massacre of Rana Plaza approaches, theglobal campaign for compensation for the victims continues. Just last week, Sumaya Khatun, a 16 year old who worked at the Tazreen factory, died from the after effects of the fire in that factory. In Cambodia, another mass fainting episode has occurred due to toxic chemicals in the workplace while unions arefinding new ways to keep up the campaign for a living wage and minimising the dangers of further government repression. Next week, some of the labour activists arrested in the January crackdown in Cambodia may be granted bail, while the fight to find the killers of murdered union leader Chea Vichea continues. Click here for video.

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