Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Collective Agreement deadlock at Central Elastic Cooperation,Prai, Penang Malaysia

Collective Agreement deadlock at Central Elastic Cooperation,Prai, Penang Malaysia.{All members will be united to PICKET on 1st April 2014}
National union of empolyees in companies manufacturing Rubber Products comence negotiation with company three months ago and on 28th March 2014 at the negotiation , company only offer 3 per cent salary adjustment, and with 2months bonus, with unbearable condition
to qualify.NUECMRP proposed 6 per cent salary adjustment and 2months
bonus as status quo,company still maintain its stand on its proposal,
NUECMRP have no other words then to call it a DEADLOCK.
NUECMRP will start to picket from 1st April 2014 at company until its
Terms and Conditions are met by the company.

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