Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Press Statement
20th May 2014
Medical Certificate
Dear editor,
The recent statement by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Datuk Dr N.K.S Tharmaseelam, undermines the integrity of Malaysian Medical Profession by stating that employers has the right to question and decide the validity of Medical Certificate and  by further asserting that MCs  is a mere recommendation. If a medical practitioner has acted beyond his duty and ethic, than rightly that practitioner should be taken to task and not shift the burden of deciding ones health to the hand and sole discretion of a lay person and in this case, the employers

MMA has failed to consider the safety and health of every worker. There are many workers constantly at risk of handling heavy machineries, faces risk at constructing high rise building, and working in hazardous working environment.If a worker continues working after taking heavy dose of medication, it only places him/her at a greater risk to industrial accident that may cause loss of limb or worst, life. MMA should suggest ways in which Industrial accidents could be minimize but instead their suggestions escalate these risks to safety and health of every worker in Malaysia.
Further, if a worker chooses to pursue to consult a doctor of his choice or seeking second medical opinion pertaining to his/her health then that is his/her ultimate right to decide. No one has the right to question his/ her choices to medication and treatment.
A person health must never be bargain to profit and production. Safety at workplace must always be the supreme consideration irrespective of profit margin. MMA’s irrational and unreasonable statement has compromised the safety and health of every worker. MTUC is very disappointed with the President of MMA’ statement and urges him to retract it. 

(N. Gopal Kishnam)
Secretary General

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