Sunday, November 2, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Relief for hungry workers as they get paid

Foreign workers in Johor who had previously been unpaid and were in starving conditions have finally received their long overdue salaries.

Johor Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) migrant workers' support centre coordinator Mohd Salleh Ahmad told Malaysiakini that the workers started receiving their pay yesterday.

The factory went into receivership on Oct 30.

However, the salaries, which were for the months of August and September, were paid by the receiver and not the factory owner.

The workers were abandoned when the furniture factory, located in Ledang, Johor, went bankrupt.
Penniless since August, they were forced to sell their personal belongings such as bicycles and motorbikes to buy food.Mohd Salleh said the workers were told they will only receive their salaries and will not be compensated for what they had to sell to feed themselves.He also told Malaysiakini the workers' passports are still in the hands of the factory owner, under the supervision of the receiver, as they are worried that the employees will run away. The workers, over 500 of them, will be sent back home in stages.
"After the receiver has paid all the workers in a week's time, they will be sent back to their countries of origin," he said.

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