Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MALAYSIA:::Malaysians' Attitude Contributes To Influx Of Foreign Workers

File picFile picKUALA LUMPUR: The lackadaisical attitude of Malaysians is one of the reasons Malaysia has become a 'goldmine' for foreign workers, said National Council of Professors (MPN).
Its secretary-general, Prof Datuk Dr Raduan Che Ros said Malaysians failed to seize opportunities provided by the government and this had caused several sectors, including business, to be dominated by foreign workers.
This should not have happened as business licenses were only issued to locals, he added.
Raduan was speaking at a MPN conference themed "National Dilemma: Foreign Labour Issues and Challenges in Malaysia", attended by 200 academicians here Monday.
MPN politics, security and international affairs cluster member, Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz said the attitude of some Malaysians in accepting the presence of foreigners made foreign nationals to feel comfortable living here.

He said the situation became acute when the foreigners took control of certain areas, forcing the local residents, to move out to other areas.
Among other concerns which needed to be addressed were factors concerning security and cleanliness, he added.
"It is therefore necessary to establish a special centre to teach these foreign workers the practice and culture of our country," he said.
Meanwhile, MPN committee member on economy and management cluster, Prof Dr Asan Ali Golam Hassan said the influx of foreign workers into the country would result in an increase in the number of urban poor households.
The entry of unskilled foreign workers would also slow down the workers' wage rate, thus also affecting the unskilled local employees, he added.
He also pointed out that the increase in the number of self-employed foreign workers might affect opportunities for bumiputera traders.
"In 2007, they made up 10 percent of the total foreign workers and now it may be higher, and this will affect the opportunities of bumiputra sub-contractors as they cannot compete in terms of cost," he said.
Asan Ali said foreign businessmen were also more inclined to employ their own countrymen and this resulted in more foreign workers to come to the country.
Head of MPN education and development cluster committee, Prof Dr Zakaria Kasa said his concern was on children of illegal foreign workers who were denied education as they had no birth certificates or valid travel documents.
"This group is in a dilemma. They cannot go to regular school, and at the same time they cannot afford international school. Only a few are lucky enough to master some basic skills in schools established by NGOs," he said.

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