Friday, April 10, 2015

MALAYSIA:::Allow the conduct of secret ballot without further delay and respect its results by refraining from filing Judicial Review.

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The Sabah Forest Industry (SFI), owned and operated by Indian Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), part of the gigantic Avantha Group, has for almost two decades suppressed workers’ right to self-organisation by using legal and technical maneuverings. Two judicial reviews were used to quash the decision of the Malaysian Minister of Human Resource to recognize the union. 
This anti-union attitude directly violates Malaysian Industrial Relation Act of 1967 that states: “No person shall interfere with, restrain or coerce a workman or an employer in the exercise of his rights to form and assist in the formation of and join a trade union and to participate in its lawful activities.(art.4.1 Rights of workmen and employers).
This right is fully guaranteed by ILO Convention 87 and is embedded as a mandatory requirement in Forest Certification Systems and the mandatory Labour Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation, which gives financial support to SFI. 

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