Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MTUC: Putrajaya must have clear policy on foreign workers

"The union has received information that foreign workers continue to arrive in the country in alarming numbers."

 The absence of a clear policy on foreign workers is not good for Malaysia’s image and reputation both in the domestic and international arena, MTUC Secretary-General N Gopal Kishnam has cautioned in a statement. “The government must have a clear policy to avoid confusion among all parties involved.”

It should at the same time help reduce the number of foreign workers in the country, he added.
He disclosed that MTUC had received information that foreign workers continue to arrive in the country in alarming numbers. “MTUC hopes the Home Ministry could clarify this matter. It must ensure no discrimination on the matter.”
The government, especially the Home Ministry must have a clear policy on the matter, he stressed. “MTUC is willing to share expertise and cooperation with the government, and all relevant ministries.”
He was commenting on a report in The Star on August 8 where the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) complained that it was confused by the current government policy on foreign workers.
The Union said that it agreed with the MEF and reiterated it was time for the government to make clear its stand on hiring new foreign workers. “As stated by the MEF, it’s a matter of national interest. An official announcement must be made as soon as possible so that everyone is clear,” said Kishnam.
The MTUC chief went on to suggest the government meet with all stakeholders, especially MEF and MTUC, to explain its current policy on foreign workers. “A single clear policy on employment of foreign workers was vital for the industry and the country in the long run.”
The MTUC had earlier warned on extreme dependence on foreign workers and called for the country to move forward from the current situation. It feels that industry and employers should work together with the government to reduce dependence on foreign workers.

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