Saturday, October 20, 2018

Bangladeshi, Indonesian found dead in Penang

MTUC Penang Division, at the on-set,  extends its heartfelt condolences to the famalies of today's landslide  at the construction site of the Paya Terubong by pass road project in Penang.

Given the fact that this comes close to another landslide diaster at Tanjung Bungah, where 11 workers became victims, MTUC Penang Division is of the view that  all construction works on hill sides and elevated slopes in the state be stopped immediately so as to ensure that such tragedies do not occur yet again.

MTUC Penang Division is given to understand that a stop-work order has been issued at the construction site concerned following an incident last Thursday. That being the case the question that we wish to pose is whether there was on-going work in breach of such stop-work orde? If the answer is in affirmative than it is our position that the full extend of the law be enforced onto those responsible. If the situation is otherwise our issue is why workers were housed on the slopes when they ought to have been provided safe and proper accomodation?

The latest tragedy clearly, in our opinion, shows the utter disregard for a safe worksite culture by employers who must be held accountable for the needless lost of lives of workers. We, therefore, demand that a commission of inquiry be formed to investigate the said tragedy.

Given this case MTUC Penang Division is of the considered view that the Penang state government ought to re-think its proposed Pan Island Link highway and transport projects. As we are given to understand a large portion of the said projects would entail massive work in the sensitive hill terrains including the Paya Terubong area. We confess we are no experts on such matters but we think the incidences of hill site landslides stand as indicators of the fragile challenges to the existing eco system of the island.

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Penang Fire and Rescue Department director Saadon Moktar said the victims were believed to be inside the containers used to house them at the site when the landslide occurred.
Saadon said so far, rescuers have found the body of a 35-year-old Bangladeshi and a 19-year-old Indonesian, while a Myanmar national was found alive with a broken leg.
"All the victims were found under the containers. There are six containers at the site besides several wooden shacks," said Saadon.
He added that three others have been reported missing by friends and family members, and rescuers are searching for them.
They have been identified as Baktiar and Suberi from Indonesia while the other is a Myanmar national.
Saadon also said that the actual number of people missing is unconfirmed, with some saying up to seven, and this will only be known once the operation is completed.
An Indonesian construction worker, who only wished to be known as Endo, 36, said three of his family members from Sulawesi are missing.
More than 100 rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene after receiving a distress call at 1.54pm.

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